The Living Barrel

a Montreal-based company

Welcome to The Living Barrel, a Montreal-based company, where we design and handcraft barrel furniture and decor items. We strive to create custom long-lasting products that are unique to our clients’ space and style all while using practices that reduce environmental impacts. All our barrels are sustainably and locally sourced and each one of our pieces include recycled and repurposed materials to minimize waste. We are passionate about our work and we make every effort to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations. If you are looking for rustic or industrial furniture for your home, business or wedding venue, we are sure you will love our products!

bourbon whiskey love

the barrel life lives on

The relationship between alcohol and man has been one of love and hate. But alcohol has always been an important part of man’s life and it has been so, for centuries and perhaps even for thousands of years. There are different types of alcoholic drinks but whiskey is perhaps the most common of all the drinks. Among the many types of whiskey, thousands of connoisseurs have a special liking for Bourbon Whiskey. For this reason we like to transform these historical whiskey barrels and create a place for them in our lives.

Planning and Executing


The Living Barrel prides itself on three core design principles.

INTEGRITY Our process stems from our appreciation for the whiskey barrel. We believe every barrel has its own unique history, and story that we hope to convey in the final product. Always keeping in mind the purity of the barrel and what is represents to us, our intention is not to alter the barrel entirely but to simply bring it back to life in all its glory. We aim to work alongside local vendors who share similar values to ensure we are crafting an honest product from start to finish.

RECYCLABILITY:  Once the whiskey has been removed from the barrel, the vessels are simply discarded and forgotten about. We aim to reuse these barrels along with other recycled materials and give them new purpose. We practise conscious design planning and evaluation. Before beginning any project, our designs are precisely outlined with accurate measurements and cuts defined; thus avoiding any unnecessary wasted fragments of the whiskey barrel.

COLLABORATION:  Teamwork is an essential factor in our design process. We enjoy working closely with our clients in order to create a product that not only celebrates the whiskey barrel but that represents your individual style. Once we begin our project, the barrel and barn wood are sanded down and stained to the desired color. Depending on the furniture piece you wish to create, the final touches such as steel shelves, glass table tops, hooks and little nooks are added to the whiskey barrel.
At The Living Barrel, any idea can be realized!