“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” – Mark Twain

If we pull the curtain back and peek into the making of The Living Barrel, what you would see is one man with a vision, and appreciation for a good Bourbon. Owner, and creator, Doriano. 

Doriano has always been of a creative nature; constantly upgrading his family home by designing and handcrafting his own furniture pieces. From his pool deck, to his kitchen table; a passion was born for creating original and functional furniture pieces. His design style is rustic, sophisticated and unpretentious. He believes in creating furniture and décor pieces that ultimately become a conversation starter in any space. His passion for creating was catapulted into something larger when an idea came to him.

"Our Story and how we came to revive the barrel"

As Doriano sat drinking his favorite glass of whiskey, it dawned on him. He’d been collecting bottles of whiskey for years; appreciating the beautiful qualities of the drink, but what gives the whiskey that smooth feel and rich taste? The final product is used and celebrated, but what about the vessel; the place that gave it all its distinctive flavor and character? The barrels they are created in! Doriano knew he had to do something to bring the barrel back to life!  

Our Story and how we came to revive the barrel

Behold, The Living Barrel. He began handcrafting pieces with refurbished barrels for his own home, and quickly realized how much richness, and coziness it brought to his spaces. From bars, to wine racks, to living room coffee tables; the possibilities are endless. The pieces aren’t solely for whiskey lovers, but for anyone looking to add a rustic, yet classy feel to their space.  

Our sole mission at the Living Barrel is to bring life back into the whiskey barrels and into your space to create new cherished pieces. We aim to create a timeless design; one that can be passed down through generations.